Marijuana Concentrates

What are Marijuana Concentrates?

WeedBay offers more than just medicinal-marijuana flowers to buy on its website in Canada. We also have a variety of marijuana concentrates to order online.

Concentrates are weed products without the buds. Solvents extract cannabinoids, marijuana’s active ingredients, from the cannabis flower, turning them into oils that are converted into marijuana products. So the cannabinoid is “concentrated” in these products.

Weed concentrates come in many different types, ranging from weed shatter to cannabis oil used for vaping. As they share a strong potency, concentrates are beneficial for medical-marijuana users with serious ailments and pains.

Effects of Consuming Marijuana Concentrates

The effects of concentrates are pronounced because most weed concentrate products are very potent. Many marijuana concentrates contain 40-80% THC, creating a strong high and a great sense of relaxation. Concentrates result in the same effects as smoking marijuana buds but in a more intense way.

WeedBay also offers CBD concentrates to order online which doesn't create an intense high, reducing the risk of some effects such as drowsiness, paranoia or anxiety.

Medical Benefits to Marijuana Concentrates for Your Health

Because of their potency, concentrated weed products are ideal for people who requires more intensive remedies for their pain. Marijuana concentrates can provide fast and effective relief of many kinds of conditions, such as epilepsy, Parkinson’s and cancer. 

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