What is Weed Budder?

Budder is a variety of wax-concentrate usually extracted using the same solvents – CO2 or butane – that are used to create other popular concentrates like crumble or shatter. The solvent is used to pull the THC from the plant material and then the solvent is removed using air pressure, heat or another method.

When the cannabinoids are extracted from the plant material they are agitated to cause crystallization. When it comes to budder vs. shatter, you can tell the difference by the consistency. While shatter is made by being careful to avoid crystallization, budder is purposefully agitated to achieve a crystallized consistency. Whipping the material or using a higher temp to purge the solvents helps to make the concentrate waxier.

Depending on how the concentrate is manipulated, such as whipping it, can turn it into a surprisingly delicate consistency. However, keep in mind that the consistency of budder has no relation to its potency.

How to Smoke Budder

Budder can be smoked a variety of ways, including:

Crumbled Over Flower

The most accessible way to smoke budder is crumbling it over a bowl of flower, or a joint. This is definitely the most inefficient method, but it is an easy way to start smoking budder if you do not have a vaporizer or oil rig.


Many vaporizers are designed to handle budder. As long as your vaporizer is capable of heating up and vaporizing the extract, you can use your vape to smoke budder.


Dabbing involves heating up a surface to the point where when you place the budder on the surface it vaporizes – and you inhale the smoke that results. You can use everything from a hot butter knife to high-end oil rigs designed for dabbing.

Characteristics and Benefits of Smoking Budder

Weed budder is a concentrate, which means it will produce stronger effects than smoking flower. It is a good idea to start off easy with budder if you are new to it. Many people love budder because it is so effective. You will need to smoke much less than you would if you smoked flower.

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