CBD Concentrates

What are CBD Concentrates?

Most marijuana concentrates extract the cannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) into the product, leaving a “high” feeling after consumption. However, some marijuana-concentrate options extract the cannabinoid cannabinol (CBD) as the main ingredient. CBD concentrates come in a wide variety of formats, including ice crystals, capsules or edibles.

Benefits of CBD Concentrates

Because their distinguishing condition compared to other concentrate products is the presence of CBD, these weed concentrates are an excellent choice for medicinal-marijuana users who want to relieve pain without feeling high or spaced out. The medical benefits of CBD concentrates are that they help treat anxiety, arthritis, chronic pain, diabetes, PTSD and more.

How to Consume CBD Concentrates

If you’re looking for a concentrated marijuana product without experiencing a high, you can order CBD extracts in Canada online from WeedBay that are conducive for easy consumption.

Our CBD ice crystals can be easily dabbed, vapourized or sprinkled in small dosages into a bowl or pipe on top of flower product. WeedBay also sells vegan-friendly and fully digestible CBD capsules and tasty CBD-extracted edible chocolate bars for a great variety.

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