What is Rosin?

Rosin is an extract that is gaining in popularity because of its simplicity. All it takes to make rosin is some heat and pressure, as opposed to the complex and potentially dangerous extraction processes used with many other concentrates. There is no risk of leftover solvents in the rosin, as no solvents are used in the extraction.

To make rosin, manufacturers use a heated press to heat up the desirable materials in the plant and collect them. What results is a product that is often the consistency of tree sap, and relatively clear like sap. There are other types of rosins, however, that resemble different concentrates such as shatter.

How do You Smoke Weed Rosin?

As a concentrate, rosin is smoked in several ways. These include:

Smoked with Flower

Although there are better ways to smoke rosin – methods that ensure full vaporization – it can be added to your regular bowl or joint. Many smokers recommend placing the rosin between your weed in a bowl, with 2/3 of the bowl filled with flower, rosin in the middle, and 1/3 of flower on top.


Vaporizers that accept concentrates like wax, shatter and oil will also vaporize rosin. Just make sure to verify that your vape will work with concentrates.


Rosin is best enjoyed as a dab. Dabbing, which involves heating up a surface to the point where it will vaporize the concentrate and inhaling, can be done with a simple kitchen knife – although it works best with rigs designed for it, like an oil rig. Dabbing rigs are ideal for smoking rosin.

Characteristics and Benefits of Smoking Rosin

Although rosin extraction is a relatively simple method, it yields some great results. Rosin will be relatively potent as it is a concentrate, although it may not be quite as strong as some of the concentrates produced by complex extraction methods (potency varies).

One of the most desirable features of rosin smoking is that you know that no solvents were used in the production of your concentrate. All you will inhale is the pure enjoyment of high-quality cannabinoids.

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