What? What could we have not possibly answered. It’s ok though, let’s see what you got. Should you have a question we haven’t covered, have additional comments, or would like to... Read more

It is advised that you have a legitimate way for you to consume and purchase Cannabis using a medical need diagnosed by a licensed doctor.


However, as an adult it is your... Read more

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This is the unpredictability of dried cannabis products. We work with the best, to ensure we have the best. If there is something that you want and we are out of stock, let us know. We can speak... Read more

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Sorry to hear you live WAY UP NORTH! Unfortunately, we experience a much higher percentage of postal thefts when shipping to Northern Quebec and Nunavut. Because of this, we cannot offer any... Read more

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Did you ask granny if she got to it first? Grannies like to hit the bong too… Seriously though, if you do not get your package 2 days after the expected arrival date, please let us know and... Read more

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