What is Hybrid Marijuana?

Hybrid weed is a crossbreed between cannabis indica and cannabis sativa, the two main sub-species of the plant cannabis.

Hybrid strains vary significantly in the shape and size of the flower, as well as the resulting chemical compositions of their CBD/THC ratios. Hybrid marijuana is sub-classified as indica-dominant, sativa-dominant or a balanced blend of the two.

Effects of Consuming Hybrid Marijuana

Because of the diversity in hybrid strains of medical marijuana, the effects will differ depending on which sub-hybrid strain is consumed. Generally speaking, you can expect hybrid strains to catalyze all of the same side effects as both indica weed and sativa weed, except more moderately. The number of side effects normally increases while the degree to which each side effect is experienced will be less certain.

For example, indica-dominant hybrids will increase alertness slightly while decreasing any subsequent feelings of sedateness. Sativa-dominant hybrids helps to counteract the tendency of pure sativa weed to stimulate anxiety.

Medical Benefits of Hybrid Marijuana

Buying hybrid medical weed online from WeedBay is a safe option for treating a wide variety of disorders, pains and symptoms due to the chemical diversity hybrid strains available on the market. Hybrid weed can help to treat ADHD, anorexia, anxiety, chronic pain, PDSD, sleeping disorders and much more.

If you are unsure on what variety of hybrid medical marijuana you should order online, don’t hesitate to contact our helpful customer-support team by email or phone for custom advice.

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