WeedBay Referral Program

Want to earn free weed and other rewards?  Share your unique WeedBay Referral Link privately with your friends by email, text or private message and earn points when they place an order! For every 5 paying customers you refer that register for an account, you get a credit worth $70 that you can spend on anything in the store!

How Does it Work?

Interested in referring some of your friends? Wondering what's in it for you? Share your unique WeedBay Referral Link with your friends by email, social media or any other method. If you refer 5 new customers that spend a minimum of $150 each, you'll earn a WeedBay Reward Point that can be redeemed for a credit you can spend on anything we have in store!

1. Go to your My Referrals page to find and share your unique WeedBay Referral link and to keep track of your referrals.

2. Visit the My Rewards Points page or watch your email to find out when your referrals have earned you Rewards Points.

3. Finally, once you've earned a Reward Point, simple redeem it at checkout and save!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - How many referrals do I need to earn a Reward Point?

A - You need 5 complete referrals to earn a Reward Point. A referral is considered complete once they have signed up using your WeedBay Referral Link and spent a minimum of $150.

Q - The My Referrals reports that the 5 friendd I have referred have signed up and placed an order, but I haven't been awarded any points!

A - If you see 5 notifications for your referral Sign-Ups but no Rewards Points have been awarded, it means that one or more of your referrals has not yet spent a minimum of $150. Once that minimum has been reached for your referrals you will earn a Reward Point.

Q - How can I spend my Rewards Points?

A - If you have earned any points, you'll see there is a Payment Option available during checkout that will allow you to redeem your points for a credit.

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