What They Say About WeedBay:

We've come a long way since launching last year and we promised we'd share some our customer reviews. We pride ourselves on our quality and customer service and love to hear what our customers have to say. Never ordered online before? Concerned about shipping? Let our customer testimonials put your nerves at ease. Below is just a small sample of our customer reviews from Leafly, so feel free to check us out there for more information or to leave a review of your own! 



“You will simply not find a better online dispensary that will help you any way they can. They have amazing medication and the most friendly staff you could probably ask for. I would NOT go anywhere else for all of your medical needs. Mark or Buds light year was a HUGS help and always is whenever I have any questions , along with every other online help! Thanks a million Weedbay!”



“Overall I was quite happy with the products I've purchased. I bought a '$99 special oz' (Alaskan ice) and a high trips RockStar oz. For $99 I wasn't sure what to expect. Sure, it wasn't huge nugs lol... but more skittles and M&M sized. Sugar was good. Nose was good. Pretty good product for the price point. What surprised me was that there was no shake at all. For a 'special', I was happy. The RockStar I bought was a premium product and it did not disappoint. Everything was on the mark. Couple things that I did love was the free-shipping and the fact that the site was super easy to search. I'll buy from them again and would recommend to others as well.”



“Without a doubt the best MOM service I had used, and there have been a few. Product, people, service and the product..lol. Pricing is incredible too. Seriously, try them out, you will not be disappointed.”



“Second time buying from Weedbay. Very courteous staff and very helpful also. Both times my orders were shipped within 10-15 mins of sending payment. Great source to buy medicinal marijuana I will definitely be returning in the near future. ”



“Wow is all I have to say. What a pleasure to deal with. I was a phatnug regular until they raised prices - there’s just too much competition out there to be charging $12 a gram. I stumbled upon weedbay and checked out their menu which was very impressive. Had some questions on shipping that their live chat agent was able to answer quickly and made my order. I grabbed some Blueberry, White Rhino and they tossed in welcome treat of Rainbow. Showed up 2 days later, vacuum sealed and very inconspicuous. The packing the buds come in very heavy duty - sealed ziplock clearly labeled with your order. Now the best part, these buds were thick, dense, and smelled as they should. The presentation on these nugs is mouth watering (even after being shipped across the country). I think they’ve won my permanent business for mail order supply. Well done. ”



“-Very fast service, ordered Friday, received on Monday. -Excellent online chat, responded within minutes. -Solid selection, and some of the best prices I've seen around, Purple Kush keeps getting cheaper which is just ridiculous! -Decent trim. weight on point, maybe even a point or two more, and a couple free pre rolled goodies was a nice touch. -Thank you WeedBay”



“These guys are simply the best. 2 day shipping, great selection, amazing service and high quality products. I wont shop anywhere else”

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