The WeedBay Founding Principles:

So let’s be real here. We’ve just launched the site and are working through the processes that ensure our customers have an excellent experience. This takes some time. If we had 50 testimonials out of the gate, we’re sure their legitimacy would be questioned. We don’t want that. We want to build customer trust and loyalty by being transparent, and part of that process doesn’t include fake-ass write ups by our staff and producers to make us/the site look good… you know the kind... the write ups so good that you want to puke because you, as the customer, know they’re fake. So here is our commitment; after 30 days, this post is coming down and will be replaced with the real goods, straight out our customers’ mouths.  And in the interim, take a quick look below to see what a few of our first-ever WeedBay customers had to say as we worked through the background testing prior to us launching. We’re happy to have these people put their trust in us even before we were ‘live’.


Mick M. – Calgary, Alberta

I had a ‘friend of a friend’ in BC who I would buy my pot from and I also was a member of a Licensed Producer; the product I got was ok… never any major issues. This past April I was in BC for work and my guy was away and an [LP] order couldn’t get to me. I was in a jam. So I asked one of my colleagues if she had any connections. She told me about ‘this site’ that her friend was building and I asked if the site was running and if they could help me out in a pinch. I got a phone number and flipped out a text message… I was not thinking that I’d get a reply back. In fact, I didn’t get a reply, I got a call back from one of the founding partners, and what I thought was going to be a 2-minute call, turned into a 45-minute conversation about what the company was aiming to create and I was asked if I wanted to work with them as their first test purchase / shipment. At first I was like ‘great, I’m going to get FREE WEED!’ But sadly, that wasn’t the case. We talked about what I preferred and laughed… I was like ‘What do you mean? I like weed.” I had the differences between indicas, sativas and hybrids explained to me in easy to understand terms and I was connected with a WeedBay site producer. I got some really good and super strong Purple Comotose to hold me over until I got home to Alberta. And then when I was ready to order more, I had to call the WeedBay guy and walk through the online ordering process. Even though I had talked to him previously and was helped out, there was something about putting my trust into sending money through an e-transfer and hoping that the product I wanted was really going to come to me. In fact, I had asked for an ounce and asked for COD! I was emailed back and explained that the e-transfer had to be for the full value and COD was not an option. So I called him. And we talked. And he could tell I was anxious about sending the money. So I changed my order to a half ounce, hit submit and waited. Sure enough, a short while later I got an email back confirming the order and requesting the E-transfer. I followed the order instructions and sure enough, once again, I got another email confirming the order was received. Later that night afternoon, I got the email with my tracking number. I could not believe that I could track my package. I was like ‘you have got to be kidding me’… this is legit. So I thought I’d be tricky and order the other half ounce I had wanted without calling him. The string of email exchanges was the same as the first and I got the second tracking number. [and a text from the WeedBay guy letting me know he saw the second order and saying thanks.] My orders were placed on a Thursday and Friday… I didn’t expect anything to arrive on the weekend. Nothing arrived on Monday, and to be honest, I started to have my doubts and thought I had just blown my money on a stupid test. But Tuesday early afternoon, BOTH packages showed up in separate envelopes, sealed and packaged. It was not what I was expecting. It was better than what I was expecting. I’m lucky enough to have been able to keep on ordering before the site was up and running. It’s been a really good experience and the people I’ve interacted with are great, the product is great, and the process is simple. I have no problem recommending WeedBay to anyone.


Rob K. – Cloverdale, BC

I was asked by my friend to help him out by writing a little blurb for his site. I didn’t even know he was working on building a site six months ago! So here we go… and being transparent, one of the founders is my friend, and I still have to buy my weed! Anyways… it was early May this year and a group of us were having a BBQ. My friend pulls out his vape pen and starts huffing back a few pulls. As a pro-cannabis person, I asked if I could have a pull to which I was obliged. After a couple hoots, I knew ‘whatever this was’, was really good. So I asked where he got it, which is how we ended up on the topic of WeedBay and how he was building this site. The vape pen and oil was a sample from one of the producers he had approved to be a seller on the site. It was really good and I asked if I could get some of this oil too. He asked what I wanted it for and explained the difference between THC and CBD so I could get the right cartridges. He asked if I would be willing to order and help test the site out and I said sure. He loaded up the site on my laptop, helped me get set up, and walked me through the ordering process. It was pretty simple. And I asked him, “So, I’m going to send money online, and a pen and cartridge will arrive at my house?” I’ll be honest, I was hesitant. I didn’t know what to expect. But I followed the email instructions and waited. Sure as shit, a couple days later, my pen and cartridge arrived in the mail. Packaged and ready to go. It was pretty slick. I’ve placed three orders now. No issues. I really wish the WeedBay team good luck. It looks like they are going to off to a great start.


Zak D. – Surrey, BC

Like most BC’ers, I enjoy a little cannabis now and again. I normally would buy my product through ‘a friend’ or a local dispensary. A friend of mine and I were talking about online weed sales and he told me about WeedBay and how it was getting ready to launch. Not thinking anything of it, I said ‘hey that’s cool, let me know when its open, maybe I’ll buy something.’ I was one-upped and was asked if I wanted to be a beta-testing guinea pig prior to the site being up and running. I laughed and said, ‘Sure… why not,” thinking it was more of a bluff. The next thing I know, I’m on the phone with one of the founders who’s helping me open up an account. I looked over the site’s selection and figured I’d order an 1/8th of Bubba. Let’s be honest, I didn’t want to buy too much… what if this was a joke or scam. So I placed the order and shortly after I got an email with the confirmation details and instructions and a note about shipping costs (apparently shipping costs are covered if I were to buy a little bit more…). So after looking at shipping costs and the difference, I bought just enough to cover the value to get shipping included! I completed the e-transfer, got my tracking number and waited. Two days later my wife brought my little unmarked Canada Post package, which I cracked open. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Inside was a great package of Bubba! Just as I ordered. I was honestly pleasantly surprised. Looks like WeedBay has a customer for life ;-)

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